Angela Schwickert Works


Symphony in C, Orpheus and Eurydice (2020)

Symphony in B minor, Orpheus and Eurydice's Fall (2020)

Symphony in E minor, Ariadne's Thread (2019)                         

Symphony in A, The Steadfast Tin Soldier (2018)                      

Anne Frank Rhapsody in F minor (2017)                                    

Stage works

The Rescue, Opera, Libretto Carey S. Wilkerson (2021)

Sofia and the Magic Moon, Musical for Children's Theater, Libretto

Carey Scott Wilkerson (2021)

The Pleiades, Concert Work for Seven Singers and Orchestra, 

Libretto Carey Scott Wilkerson (2019)

The Steadfast Tin Soldier, Ballet Music for Orchestra (2018)

The Ariadne Songs, Operetta, Libretto Carey Scott Wilkerson (2016)

Choral Works

The Pleiades, Concert Work for Seven Singers and Orchestra, 

 Libretto Carey Scott Wilkerson (2019)

Musical Songs

Leaf Lullaby, Lyrics Kimberly Yaeger (2019)

Moonlit Dance, Lyrics Kimberly Yaeger (2019)

Birth of a Humble King, Lyrics Kimberly Yaeger (2019)

Ask the moon, Lyrics Carey Scott Wilkerson (2018)

Snowflakes Song, Lyrics Carey Scott Wilkerson, (2017)

Merry Christmas Tree, Lyrics Richard L.Bruce (2015)

Up in the Windy Sky, Lyrics Richard L.Bruce (2015)

Christmas Finally, Lyrics Richard L.Bruce (2015)

Chamber Music

Days of Grace, Duet for Mezzosopran, Tenor, Flute, Clarinet, Cello, Piano, Libretto Carey Scott Wilkerson (2021)

String Quartet Nr.1 in A Flat (2018)

String Quartet Nr.2 in B (2018)

String Quartet Nr.3 in C Minor (2018)

Violin Duets No.1-5 (2017)

Orpheus, for Tenor and Quintet (2017)

Anne Frank Serenade, for Quartet (2016)

Jazz Quartet

Simultuneously, for Jazz Quartet (2015)

Carousel, for Jazz Quartet (2015)

Pulsionata, for Jazz Quartet (2015)

Travels in Manhattan, for Jazz Quartet (2015)

Color Wheel, for Jazz Quartet (2015)

Whispering Memories, for Jazz Quartet (2014)

Walking Near the Edge, for Jazz Quartet (2014)

Ecliptic Overture, for Jazz Quartet (2014)

Red Helix, for Jazz Quartet (2014)

Doux Reve, for Jazz Quartet (2014)

A Cool Moon, for Jazz Quartet (2014)

The Written Day, for Jazz Quartet (2014)


The Ariadne Songs, for Soprano, Violin, Cello, and Piano, 

Lyrics Carey Scott Wilkerson (2014)

1. Waves of Love

2. These, Us, Theseus

3. Zero Sum Game

4. Island, Ocean, Sun

Piano Solo Works

Nocturne in E Flat (2014)

Serenade in F Minor (2014)

Waltz in G Sharp Minor (2014)

Waltz in F (2013)

Sonate in F (2013)

Serenade in E (2013)

Piano Concerto No.1 in A (2013)

Follow my piano music (2012)

It's Time (2012)

Flying Horses (2012)

Wonders of loving you (2012)

Ballet of leaves (2012)

The Tramp (2012)

Rainbow so far (2012)

March (2012)

Angel's flight (2012)

Fairy Tale (2012)

Night Castle's dance (2012)